For weddings, birthdays and celebrations, why not consider personalised illustrations for your event.
This can include:     
I love doing personalised portraits, and often give them as gifts to friends.   Personalised illustrations can be a playful point of difference to print stationary and digital illustration can be easily added to several products for all your event needs. 
I got married in 2017, and having a sketch artist to entertain and create keepsakes with guests during the breaks was something a friend had wanted to give me as a gift BUT she couldn’t find one.  I thought it such a great idea, I also wanted to give to others

Live event services can include:  

1. Printed Illustrated Capture (1 x digital drawing capturing the event, up to A2 poster size)   
2. Sketch Capture (pen sketches live during the event) 
3. Sketch "PhotoBooth" - drawings on A6 cards for guests to take home.  This can be modified as a facilitated guest book (where hosts retain all drawings) . 


Email for an info pack and prices
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